I have been hearing a lot of women wanting to lose weight. And some men do too. Because of the active lifestyle that I have, I don’t really have much problem when it comes to maintaining my weight. Physical activities plus a healthy diet help me all these years to be physically fit.

I am aware that obesity or being overweight may cause serious health conditions including heart problems, high blood pressure and many others. Aside from that, who wouldn’t like to look attractive? For many women, their main motivation to lose weight is so that they will look and feel good. That is why we often hear of people who undergo a 1000 calorie diet and other sorts of special diet that involves eating low carb vegetables, fruits and others.

But how do you really lose weight? When people ask me how I lose or maintain my weight, I would often say eat healthy and exercise regularly. In my case, I get a lot of exercise in my work. I have researched on this topic so that I can help other people who are trying to lose weight. And here are some good tips about losing weight:

1. Lifestyle changes.

If you like a permanent weight loss, it is not something that you can do overnight by taking a magic tablet or something. Instead, it is about having a commitment to having a healthy lifestyle. There are diet regimens that can help you jumpstart your weight loss program, but permanent lifestyle changes are what will really bring you permanent results.

By lifestyle changes, it means changes for the better. If you are not used to regularly exercise before, you should already include it in your daily or weekly routine. If you are used to eating fatty foods, junk foods and all sorts of foods that are high in fats or useless calories, then you should change your choices of food. You could also refer to a dietician for advice.

2. Have a weight loss companion.

Having someone to cheer you up or to remind you about your diet and exercise routine is a good way to always be on the right track. Your weight loss companion could be your friend, partner, spouse or anyone in your family.

3. Keep your weight loss slow and steady.

There is this saying that slow and steady could win the race. Losing weight too fast may affect your mind and body. You could become unproductive in your job or studies, become drained, sluggish and sickly. Also, when you lose weight too quickly, you are actually losing most of your body fluid and muscle instead of fats. So aim to lose just a few pounds per week rather than tens of pounds.

4. Set a goal.

It would be helpful if you have a goal on how much pounds to lose in a particular week or month and why. Perhaps you like to wear that sexy bikini this summer or impress a person. Your goal will let you get going especially when you are tempted to give up or be lax about losing weight.

5. Monitor your progress.

There are now mobile applications that can help you keep track of your weight loss progress. There are apps that even allow you to schedule your exercises or compute the amount of calories in the food you are about to eat. It would be good to monitor your progress using any available resources so that you will know how much work you need to achieve your goal.

There is a wide range of diet plans that can help you lose weight in no time. But more than these diet plans, losing weight is really about your attitude towards a permanent healthy lifestyle.