Not a Good Idea

I have a regular customer who comes here to train with me with horseback riding. Her name is Martha and I love teaching her because she learns very quickly. She often trains every weekend for three to four hours. She even had plans of buying her own horse because she wanted to train with the same horse every time, but she does not have a house big enough to have a horse.
We have a new breed of horse, which is the big and gorgeous male American Bashkir Curly that arrived few days ago. He is still a bit wild because he is still adjusting to his new environment. Such breeds are great for endurance riding and jumping and I am sure that I could work with our new horse in time. I still have to gain his trust first, so I told all my peers that I should be the only one to feed him for now. It took me lots of time to properly bond with our new horse and I am happy that I did it.

This weekend, Martha was surprised and at the same time, so very happy that we have a new horse for her to use. I told her that it is still not wise to use her because he is still adjusting to people and his new environment. She petted the new horse and she told me that she would be able to be friends with him in a short period of time. She indirectly insisted on letting her ride the new horse and I did not know what to tell her, because she is one of our frequent customers and I do not want to be rude to her. I was really nervous when she was trying to get on the new horse and fortunately, she did a great job. They started walking around the farm and they seemed to be bonding well. I told my assistant to keep watching them, as I have to attend to other matters on our farm.
After an hour, my assistant rushed into my office and told me that Martha had an accident. He added that she fell on the ground and landed on her hips. I ran outside and called 911. I asked her if she was okay and she told me that she had trouble bending her hips on both sides. It is also called hip flexor pain, like what the experts describe here. I told her that the ambulance was already on their way, so she should just calm down. After a few minutes, sirens echoed around our farm. I accompanied her to the hospital because I am worried about her. She told me that it was not necessary to come along because it was not my fault, but in my mind, I should have been firmer with her about the horse. She reminded me that she practically insisted to ride the new horse even though I have already warned her against it. She also told me that she was sorry about what happened. After a number of tests, her doctor told her that she is very lucky. She just needs to take anterior hip precautions like resting for a week to help her recover faster and to take pain relievers if she could not take the pain anymore.

Creative Ideas

Betsy, my best friend still hasn’t told anyone about her pregnancy besides me. She mentioned to me that she was having a period while pregnant and I told her that it is in their best interest to know if it was normal so they should make up an appointment immediately with her doctor to know her condition. She also shared that she and her husband wanted to make a party to make a grand announcement to her closest family and friends about her pregnancy, but we can also think of other creative and better ways to do so. Betsy wanted me to help them so after we finished our work, we both decided to think and brainstorm about good pregnancy announcement ideas. We went to their house, had a snack and agreed to think about many ideas and then Betsy and her husband Rick will decide on what they want most. She added that her husband will be coming home shortly from work and will also help us.

Betsy thought of making the film of her ultrasound of the baby replicated to many copies, make a puzzle out of it and send it via snail mail.   I really loved her idea because it was so creative and smart. On the other hand, I thought of taking a picture of her and Rick with her acting as if she was vomiting on the toilet bowl or a sink and have Rick giving thumbs up sign while smiling. Then we can send the pictures via snail mail, email and it can also be uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook and then tag the picture with their closest friends and relatives. Moments later, she thought of another one. She mentioned that there used to be a website on the internet on which gets the features of the mom and dad and then they digitally fuse both features making the appearance of a cute baby. Then she planned on printing it with the caption of her due date and then just send it to friends and family via email, mail and even on Facebook.

We were both amazed with the ideas that we were coming up as we heard a car engine just stopped in front of Betsy’s house. It was her husband so she rushed to the door to open it. Rick kissed her on the cheek and he looked tired. He noticed that I was there and he said hi. She told him what we were doing and he was so happy with the ideas that we came up. He asked her if there was anything to eat because he was starving. She got three slices of cake from the fridge and also came back with a pot of freshly brewed coffee. He went to the kitchen to get us three cups. As we were eating, they both think that it was a toss up between the website idea and Rick gives the thumbs up sign. We were all excited. Betsy said she’s going to find that website later before they go to sleep. They offered to make me stay for dinner, but I begged off because my Dad is waiting for me.