As you all know, I’m very fond of horses, even when I was young as my Dad introduced me to it at such an age. It was really a trial and error as I was so scared of heights and my dad really did his best to help me overcome my fear. Every weekend, my dad would train me on how to get on the saddle carefully and teach me how to properly direct the horse on which direction that I wanted. It was a really fun experience for a young kid, which was definitely different with what my childhood friends were doing back then. Day after day, I overcame my fear of heights and horse riding as fun and excitement overwhelmed my fear.

I remember when I tried getting myself on a horse for the first time by myself and I had an accident. My grip slipped off the saddle and had my face down straight on the dirt. I had a few bruises and scratches. People were so worried about me back then because they saw me bloodied as I lost a tooth. I was in tears not because of my scratches and my fall but because I had gum pain. I knew my parents were mad at me for not having an adult to accompany me as they used to tell me when I try riding a horse but they still comforted me and told me that they will bring me to a dentist. I was scared with dentists but they didn’t give me any choice.

tooth pain relief

We got into our car and it took us just 5 minutes to go to the clinic. My parents went inside the clinic to talk to the dentist and told her what happened. Dr. Williamson is the most popular dentist in our town because she is good on what she do and she was also very beautiful. She made me sit on the dental chair and asked me to gargle first. She then turned on the light and asked me to say Aaahhh. She carefully examined my gums and teeth and told my parents that my tooth got pulled out cleanly and besides some pain and swelling, I’m good. She also added that she will just give me tooth pain relief on a syrup form to be taken three times a day after meals. She told me that I have to continue taking it until the pain and the swelling wears out. It was really a relief that I wasn’t going to be injected with anesthetics and have a tooth extracted.

It was a lesson learned as I didn’t try riding a horse by myself again when I was young because I was just a beginner back then. I am very fortunate to have very loving and understanding parents who always support me on whatever I want to do, especially my dad who helped me go and overcome a fear the eventually led to be my passion and work at the same time.