Clark called me about his new stock of dog breeds in his pet shop a while ago. He also mentioned that besides on running his own business, he is also trying to venture into a new field, which is breeding dogs. He shared that it is going to be a lot of work, so he is asking me if I could lend him a hand. He also told me that if we are successful, I could also earn as much as he earns. He added that he just needs my expertise and passion about animals and I do not need to put out money for his new venture. I told him that I would think about it because I still need to assess if I could still make time for it, as I am already busy with training horses during weekdays. He told me that he understood. He also added that he just wanted to tell me first because he knows that if anyone should be his partner, it should be me because we share the same passion and drive. I told him that whatever my decision is, I would drop by his pet shop the next day and I would tell him my decision personally. He thanked me and he reminded me to think it through because it is a sweet deal for both of us.

I told my girlfriend about Clark’s offer and she was excited about it. I told her that I still have not accepted the offer because I have qualms about it. She asked me what about my qualms and I told her that I do not know if I actually can make time for it. She told me that I have weekends off and I could give him a full day of work. It actually made sense. I also thought that I could always do some work after training horses because my day ends at 3-4pm.

poodle mixes

The next day, I visited Clark in his pet shop and I told him about the good news. He was so happy with my decision. He added that I would not be sorry because I made the right choice. We sat and made plans for hours. We studied the customer’s frequent orders and we found out that most people in the area wanted poodle mixes, especially the Bichon poodle hybrid so we are going to start breeding them as starters. I told him that I have not had any experiences with breeding dogs, but I had plenty about breeding and taking care of horses. He told me that I could learn on our everyday experiences and I agreed. He told me that we should get a good pedigree of such breed so we could have a better mark up on our sales. I agreed and I told him that I would ask our horse suppliers if they know anyone who supplies such breeds. He applauded my plan and told me that he is excited about our partnership.