I have been taking care of my horses for years now and I could say that I know anything about them from head to toe. My girlfriend recently just gave me two hedgehogs as pets. The thought on my mind was if she was really serious in giving me that because I’m used to taking care of big pets like horses. I didn’t want to get her upset with me so I asked around and read articles about how to care for them because I didn’t have any idea to do so.

My information search led me to a local pet shop which reportedly specializes with hedgehogs, mice, hamsters and bunnies. I entered the shop as I saw many kinds of animals. I even saw hedgehog cages on sale. I asked the salesman if he may point me in the right direction as my girlfriend gave me hedgehogs that I didn’t have a clue on how to take care of it. The salesman told me that his boss, the owner is better to teach me all about it. He asked me to wait for a while as he will check if he wasn’t busy. After a few minutes, a man walked towards me. He was short, has a full beard and was wearing a simple shirt and denim pants. He seemed friendly as he introduced himself as Clark while shaking my hand. I told him my concerns and was so glad that I came to his shop. I also told him that my girlfriend might have bought the hedgehogs here in the shop because her house is just a few blocks away.

Clark shared that taking care of hedgehogs is easy and it’s just taking care of animals like hamsters and bunnies. He explained that hedgehogs have soft, furry bellies and a coat of rough quills on their back. They just roll up into a ball if they are frightened of threatened. He also shared that hedgehogs doesn’t really bite, but they can if such need arises. He added that they basically eat insects but can be also fed with cooked peas, cooked carrots, cooked squash, cooked sweet potato, unseasoned meat, poultry and fish, banana, cranberries, grape pieces, kiwi, watermelon, pear, apple slices, strawberry, hard boiled eggs, baby food, cottage cheese, and even yogurt. They also need fresh water every day. Just be reminded not to overfeed them because they are prone to obesity.

Hedgehogs are normally active and playful and to address this, an exercise wheel in his hedgehog cage is needed. It will also help him control his weight and avoid obesity. You can also just give him hard plastic balls and paper towel rolls as his toys because they love to chew and push things. Regular check up may also be needed as they can be infected with mites that burrow into their skin at the base of their spines. Sometimes, they may also suffer diarrhea so keep it mind to avoid dehydration when it occurs and bring him to a veterinarian for treatment.