I did not know that I would be enjoying the new venture that Clark offered me a month ago. For now, I have been working on it the whole weekend. Clark was right about the hard part, but it is fulfilling and satisfying at the same time. It also gave me other routine in my life, so it is good. We were successful with breeding poodles and now, we are planning to take on the Husky Pomeranian mix, most people know them by the name of Pomsky, because there were a number of people who were asking if we also breed them. We told them that we would try, but no promises. We asked them to leave us their contact numbers and we would call them as soon as possible about the updates about our breeding.

I told my girlfriend, Margaret, about our plans and she was thrilled about it. She told me that she also wants to have such breed, but she did not know anyone from town who breeds them. She added that she has a number of friends who also wanted the same breed. She told me that she could tell them about my new business and I thanked her. I promised her that if our breeding will be successful, I would give her one Pomsky. She hugged and she made me pink swear. I found it funny and adorable, so I just did it anyway. She told me that she wants a female Pomsky and I nodded.

I called Clark and told him that most of Margaret’s friends also wanted some Pomskies, so we should get started. He told me that he already ordered two pomskies from his supplier and it will arrive before this weekend. I also told him about my other plans like to market his pet shop on various social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Instagram and even blog sites like WordPress and Blogspot. He was thrilled with my idea. He added that we could have discounts and reservations online for more customers. I told him that I already asked a friend of mine who is good with Adobe Photoshop to make us some templates so we could just edit it ourselves whenever we have other promotions. He asked me if it is still wise to give out flyers around the block. I told him that it is still a good idea because not all people read their social media news feeds anyway. It is a good ploy to go malls, parking lots and even events where there are a lot of people.

After a month of improving our marketing strategies, we experienced more foot traffic than ever before, thanks to the changes that we made that is vital for the success of our business. We tripled our sales, especially with dogs. We even had waiting lists on reservations online for the pomskies and poodles even though the birthing of the dogs are still a few months away.

We still have a long way to go, but we are getting there. I thank Clark and my beautiful girlfriend, Margaret for always supporting me about the things that I want to do, no matter how silly it is.