I remember the times when I was growing up that we had to go to many places to do our horse riding business. It was all very fun for me and very grueling too at the same time. I would never forget all that I had gone through during those times and you could safely say that the experience molded me to become the man that I am today.

Traveling to other places and meeting all kinds of people is one happy affair that I look forward to during the year. I know that there would be more trips than I can count with my hands each season and I relish the fact that my horizon gets broader and broader with every trip that we make.

Going to other places is not very hectic as we have a camper to help us with it and it sort of like became my second home away from home. The only things that get to me on a trip are the vast emptiness in between cities where you can see nothing except sand and the occasional tumbleweed, and when we are certain to pass through them, I sleep.

Mom and dad are in the front during trips and I was by myself at the back where everything is at. My toys, the TV set, the bed, and everything I could eat in the refrigerator were at an arm’s reach from where I am. I do get bored sometimes and I used to go over to where my parents are and bug them some.

Out of town trips are a regular occurrence in our household that we are always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Each of our best lightweight luggage are easily packed and also other basic amenities needed during our trips like toiletries, food, tools, and what have you. The nice thing about it is that I get to choose which snacks we were to buy at the grocery to bring with us.

And of course, we can’t go on any trip without bringing with us several pieces of mom’s best yoga DVD collection which she would listen to while traveling. She says it soothes her nerves and makes her calm during our trips. Come to think of it, mom is all smiles every time I see her in front and I think the yoga hymns has got a lot to do with it.

My favorite part of every trip are the ones where we were about to go home as I could get to see my friends again. They would again be amazed at all the stories I tell them about what we did and all the places we have been to. We take side trips all the time and I think we spent more time having fun than working, which was always the envy of my friends.

I miss having trips with mom and dad, and I wish we could do it again sometime. The three of us on the road certainly brings back fond memories of my childhood. I would certainly do it over again if I could.