Well it has been a very tiresome day for me as my sister asked me to accompany her to the supermarket to buy some things. I had an inkling of what would happen to me if I agreed but I went nonetheless. Call it brotherly love or something, but I know it was a mistake accompanying a woman to do some shopping. Well let’s just say I paid for it both literally and figuratively.

She said she had to buy a new playpen for her little one as the old one gave up on the kid a couple of days ago. I had told her to not buy the thing as it was an unknown brand and it looks very flimsy, especially for my very cute nephew who was a little bit, a lot really, on the heavy side.

She told me that she left her child alone in the thing for a couple of minutes to go and get some water and the next thing she knew, my nephew is at her back, tugging at her skirt. Turns out the jumping that my nephew did, he always loved to jump, was enough to totally rip the underside of the playpen and it was there where he made his “escape”.

Fast forward to today and there we were, looking for the best pack n play available, to which she said that the price really does not matter as long as it was not like the last one. I knew it, I was paying for this! But there was a little problem. The brand that we searched for has many models to choose from and my sister said that she liked them all.

So naturally, like all women are won’t to do when shopping, we went back and forth, back and forth, to each and every last one of the different models. We even managed to squeeze some time to look at the other brands but we came back to the first ones after some time.

Thankfully and at last, she finally chose the blue one because she said that the child using it is a boy. Now why didn’t we think of that before?!? It was apparently also the one that she pointed to at the start. I am really starting to think that women view shopping as a sport of some kind and that they find unbounded happiness in the hunt.

Anyways, I was very glad that it was over with and I congratulated myself silently for the feat. But relief seemed to have escaped quickly when she said that she still had to buy the best travel tripod(www.photographyrating.net) for her to bring to their upcoming family vacation which is just a week away.

My heart sank when I looked at the camera department and saw many different kinds of tripods for every type of use imaginable. There were many brands exhibited and each and every model available in different colors, a woman shopper’s dream come true.

I asked if her camera was a boy or a girl and she just smiled. I got home eventually.