Margaret called and asked me for a favor to take care of her niece for a few hours because her babysitter cancelled on her the last minute. I did not have a choice, so I just agreed. I asked her about what activities would she enjoy because I do not have any idea about taking care of kids. She told me that I do not need to worry because she is going to bring her coloring pages to get her busy for hours. I was a bit worried and she told me that I do not need to be that concerned, because she is fun to take care of and she is a good, little girl like her. I laughed at her and told her that was not comforting.

They arrived in an hour and I saw a cute, little girl with my girlfriend. I asked her name is and she told me that she is Mary Anne. She is so adorable that she offered her hand for me to shake with and I told her that it is nice to meet her. Margaret gave me her backpack full of activities to do. She told me that she has also snacks in her bag, so I should just let her get them because she does not like it when people chooses for her. She is independent like that and I love it. We went inside my room and my girlfriend bade goodbye to her niece and told her to behave well.

I asked Mary Anne about what she wanted to do and she told me that she brought crayons and coloring pages. She showed me her books and it said, Disney’s Frozen coloring pages and Skylanders coloring pages. She shared that she already watched Disney’s Frozen for eight times and she still haven’t gotten tired of it, while she told me that she always watches Skylanders on Youtube. I told her that we could watch the Frozen DVD later if she wants to. She asked me that reason about why do I have a copy and I told her that someone gave it to me as a gift. She laughed and told me that they are just for kids. I told her that I am still a kid at heart and we laughed about it. She started coloring and she saw me staring at her. She asked me if I want to color and then she offered me a book. I told her that I could, if she wanted me to help her and I did. It took us hours to complete her books and then I got my copy of the movie and played it on the living room TV. She was so happy that I was there the whole time and watched the movie with her because she told me that her Aunt Margaret does not like watching them. I saw Margaret approaching us into the living room. I told Mary Anne that her aunt is that old and here she is and we all cracked about it.