My best friend and co-trainer Betsy has been married for four years now. Betsy and her husband Rick have been planning for a long time to make a big family but they were always unsuccessful. They have tried many so many methods, some proven and some were just made up, but they just did it anyway because they were so desperate to have a child. They both even took a sterility test to determine if it was anyone’s fault but the results said that they are capable to make babies.

Betsy is really stressed about it because it has been causing a rift in their marriage. She even takes absences on our training school just to mope alone in her house. This week, she was absent for 3 consecutive days and it made me feel sad that it their problem is causing her much pain and maybe even depression. I decided to take a day off and give her a visit. She really looked like a mess. I asked her if she was okay and tears started to well up from her eyes. I just listened to help her vent out her frustrations and anger. I also told her that since they weren’t sterile, maybe it’s just not still time, maybe God is testing them. I added that I am not a really a spiritual guy, but I believe that there’s a higher power above us all who gives all these challenges to test our faith, will, and our desire to get our dreams. I advised her to just be more patient and it will all come her way in God’s time. She was so touched with what I said and calmed down. I spent my whole day off with her as we reminisced about our good times together. As I waved goodbye, she thanked me and said that she will try praying. After a few months of constantly praying and trying to get pregnant, she eventually got an answered prayer. She told me that she was having morning sickness and vomiting.

how to stop breastfeeding

Betsy shared that they planned to get into a seminar about having babies because they were clueless, but excited about it. They attended a seminar in a community center and learned bunch of things like the three trimesters and what to expect, how to prepare for pregnancy and delivery, how to compute for due dates and the most important, proper baby care. The lecturer encouraged us to ask some questions so people asked about the foods to avoid while breastfeeding. We were told that caffeine and alcoholic drinks should be really avoided as they can be transferred to the mom’s milk and may disrupt the baby’s normal sleep patterns which are really essential for the baby’s growth. She, on the other hand, asked about how to stop breastfeeding because she has a friend who had a hard time stopping it. The lecturer addressed it as it was going to be an emotional parting because it is a bond that moms and the baby have. It is needed to be done on a gradual basis as not to surprise the baby about it. She added that moms can alternate breast milk and formula milk to help the process of stopping gradually.

I just can’t imagine the joy of Rick and Betsy right now. I wish both of them the best and may they be the best parents that they can be. I hope that their child grows strong, healthy and smart.