Howdy there partner!! And Yee Haw!!! My name is Gavin Ross. I love horses and everything there is to know about horses. My parents raised me up on a farm so my love of horses grew at a very young age. I remember my dad put me on my very first horse during my fifth birthday, I was so scared. But the more I rode horses, I got used to them. I even fed them and bathed them every weekend. It became a weekly routine and I love it! It never felt like a chore to me and I felt like I was playing with them every single time. When I got older, I helped my family with offering horses for carnivals and local county fair for kids to ride on. We would travel to all different places depending on where the county fairs are located. It was such a fun time and great bonding experience with my parents and the horses. Everywhere we go, we would bring joy and happiness to all the kids that ride the horses. Now as I grew older, I am a horse trainer. I train other people how to take care of a horse from feeding, washing and how to ride horses. It is always a dream of mine to become a horse trainer. I cannot imagine life without spending time with horses. They are like a second family to me now!! Teaching someone how to take care of a horse is very time consuming but it is very rewarding at the same time. I love sharing my love and passion of taking care of horses to others.