Have you ever asked yourself how many weeks am I into pregnancy? I have not personally asked this question, but I have asked this question quite a few times concerning the horses we have in our farm, back when I was still a kid. I got very excited whenever we had a pregnant horse.

But I am mainly writing this article about pregnant women and not about pregnant horses. If you are interested in horse riding, it is important to know whether you are pregnant or not because riding horses when you are pregnant may affect your pregnancy especially during the first and last trimesters. You may want to ride a horse but if you are pregnant, you need to ask your doctor’s permission to do it especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

Here are ten common signs of implantation or pregnancy which can help you find out your condition:

1. Tingling and prickling of nipples

These signs of pregnancy are a result of the increased supply of blood in the breast brought about by pregnancy hormones. You may notice these changes even in the earliest part of your pregnancy, sometimes within weeks after conception. The tingling and prickling sensations normally subside when the body becomes used to the hormonal surge.

2. Morning sickness

Some women are lucky not to experience this sign but morning sickness is common in early pregnancy, starting when you are about six weeks pregnant. Morning sickness is associated with nausea or vomiting and feeling sick and queasy. Despite its name, it could affect you even in the evening. This sign could occur within the first trimester and may continue on until your last trimester.

3. Cramping and spotting

During the time when you are supposed to have a period, it is common to experience spotting and stains in your underwear that can be brown or slightly pink in color. You may also feel slight cramping.

4. Swollen and tender breasts

When you are about six weeks into pregnancy, you may also notice your breasts becoming tender to touch. You may also notice your breasts becoming larger and swollen. The tenderness of the breasts normally eases as your pregnancy progresses.


5. Fatigue

During early pregnancy, it is normal to feel easily tired even when you hardly do any work. Aside from fatigue, you may also become moody and emotional.

6. Frequent urination

When you are about six weeks into pregnancy, you may also notice your desire to frequently urinate. And this bathroom visit will become more frequent as your pregnancy progresses.

7. Darker nipples

Darker areolas which are the skin around your nipples are another sign of pregnancy. You may start to notice them at about eight weeks. Your nipples will also become more pronounced and erect.

8. Food cravings

Pregnancy especially during the early stages may also affect your diet. There may be some foods that you used to like but no longer appeal to you, and there may also be foods that you don’t normally eat but are craving for. Your sense of smell may also become more sensitive to certain types of smell, especially from cooking or food.

9. Missed period

If you are regular and your period did not start when it was supposed to start, then it is a sign that you are pregnant.

10. Positive pregnancy test

Of course, the ultimate sign of pregnancy is a positive pregnancy test. If you experience any of the above symptoms, you will be able to confirm your pregnancy by conducting a home pregnancy test.

If you are positively pregnant, you may want to reconsider your plan about riding horses and consult your doctor first about your plan.